Aaron Rodgers, the reason Allen Lazard signed with the New York Jets

Allen Lazard will strengthen the body of wide receivers of the New York Jets for the 2023 NFL season after signing a four-year deal in exchange for $44 million.

The former Green Bay Packers player was presented with his new team and, at a press conference, declared that the possible Arrival of Aaron Rodgers in New York it’s one of the reasons he signed with the Jets.

He’s one of the reasons I’m here todayLazard said. “I can not deny it. He had my back through training camp when he didn’t deserve to be a part of the team, he would look me up at games and he always believed in me.”

Lazard entered the NFL in 2018 as an undrafted rookie in that year’s Draft.. He was first part of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ practice squad, but he finished his first season with the Packers. The wide receiver’s progress was gradual and he carved out a place for himself in Green Bay’s WR rotation.

The Iowa State graduate was Rodgers’ favorite target in 2022 and had the best year of his career in yards (788) and receptions (60). Thus, Lazard believes playing with the four-time NFL MVP boosts his chances of winning the Super Bowl.

“I think that, With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, the chance to win is always there.”said the 27-year-old wide receiver. “With that being said, it really is the Super Bowl.”


Allen Lazard Numbers with Aaron Rodgers

In accordance with Statmuse, Rodgers and Lazard played 56 parties during five seasons in Green Bay. In total, the wide receiver generated 2,216 yards and 19 touchdowns after catching 168 throws from the quarterback.



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