A judo teacher from Oviedo was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of three sexual assaults on minors

The National Police have arrested a Oviedo judo teacher as alleged perpetrator of three sexual assaults on minors. The arrest took place this Monday, following a complaint by one of the minors to the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM).

The victim claimed to have suffered touching of a sexual nature by his judo teacher, as reported by the Police in a press release. Subsequently, two other complaints were collected from minor girls and classmates of the previous one, reporting having been touched by the same teacher.

Due to procedures carried out by the research group, it was learned that the judo teacher also taught classes in three public schools in the region.

In view of the complaints filed, the agents in charge proceeded to locate and arrest the alleged aggressor, making him available to the Oviedo Guard Court. On the part of the victims, a protection or restraining order was requested for the alleged offender.

The Police have indicated that one of the measures provided for in the Penal Code for this type of criminal is to disqualification from practicing a profession related to education with minors, to avoid direct contact with minors.

The investigation remains open since the existence of more episodes of sexual assault carried out by the defendant is not ruled out.


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