A draw with little flavor: Central equalized against Unión at El Gigante and rescued the undefeated at home

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Rosario Central closed on Sunday with a 1-1 tie against Unión at the Gigante de Arroyito for date 7 of the Professional Soccer League. Luna Diale opened the game in the first half and was equalized by Lautaro Giaccone with five remaining.

Miguel Russo’s team played badly again, they had no ideas to overcome Munúa’s team, but even so, they managed to draw. El Canalla made a mistake in the first half, when Malcorra gave away the chance of a goal and paid dearly for it. Luna Diale received in the area and defeated Broun with a cross shot.

Russo tried to send a quick message to the team with the income of Bianchi and Martínez Dupuy for Véliz and Malcorra. However, the performance did not improve. Something changed when Lautaro Giaccone entered. The kid gave the team another electricity and 40 minutes into the plugin, with an individual action, he scored a great goal.

So Cental, with a kid, rescued a draw and was able to remain undefeated at home. For the first time, they lost points at home, but the important thing is that they didn’t lose because the team played badly again.



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