5 generations of the Ferrères family reunited in Sigean

It is in front of the large family home that 5 generations of the Ferrères family met.

The dean, Roger, a mason by trade and son of Spanish immigrants, and his wife, Simone, a shepherd’s daughter and an excellent pastry chef, were surrounded by their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. son.

Among the 3 children of Roger (92 years old) and Simone (86 years old), there is the son, Robert, private winegrower, who married in Portel-des-Corbières in 1992 with Corinne who assisted him for 10 years in the vineyard. Robert, who worked as an administrator at the Sigean cooperative cellar, is proud to be the father of Romain (32 years old), doctor of Egyptology in Montpellier and president of a kyudo club (Japanese archery), as well as Laurie, a young 29-year-old architect living in Toulouse.

Jacqueline, Robert’s older sister, from Sigea, has given birth to three beautiful children: Christine, a 46-year-old from Nouvelloise, mother of three children (Cassandra, 24; Abygaelle, 12; and Windel, 9), Éric and Dominique , also father of three children (Rachelle, 15; Rayan, 13; and Nollan, 11).

The couple’s last child, Serge, 64, is an employee of the construction company Lavoye and has lived in Port-La Nouvelle with Bernadette for 44 years.

Roger and Simone live in the small shed built 34 years ago by Roger, transformed into accommodation, right next to the big house of their son Robert. They are happy because the family has grown with the recent birth of their great-great-grandson, Jean, baby of their great-granddaughter Cassandra (Christine’s eldest daughter). The big house therefore brings together 5 generations of Sigeanais who like to meet there for the end of year celebrations, going back in time, remembering their youth and all the good times spent together…


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