14 added minutes and three goals to win the game. Ronaldo is just watching the football

This is undoubtedly one of the craziest matches Cristiano Ronaldo has played in. His new team Al-Nassr faced off against Al Batin, a team ranked 16th in the league with six points (37 less than Al-Nassr before the game).

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Al Batin, closing the Saudi league table from the 17th minute, was on its way to causing quite a sensation. That’s when it took over. Uruguayan striker Renzo Lopez took advantage of Bukia’s header. One of the defenders tried to stop the shot with his hand, but the ball crossed the goal line anyway. The action was checked by VAR, but there were no grounds for canceling the goal.

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Ronaldo had a chance to equalize before the break. After an individual rally, he passed defenders, a goalkeeper and shot into an empty net. At the last moment, one of the opposing defenders cleared the ball from the goal line. Later, the Portuguese tried his hand at a free-kick. He hit way too high. He was even better in the second half. He got a perfect center into the penalty area, made a shot, but the ball bounced off the rival’s leg and flew slightly past the post. The 38-year-old’s impotence was in full swing. He missed another free-kick in the final 10 minutes of regular time, then missed when he landed a direct header.

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Al-Nassr’s great comeback. Ronaldo’s teammates did their job. Three goals in extra time

Ronaldo’s inefficiencies were too much. In extra time, his teammates took matters into their own hands. They had more than enough time for that, because the referee added 12 minutes. The Outsider’s trainer laughed when he saw the light board. In the third added minute, Abdulrahman Ghareeb converted a long pass from deep inside Luiza Gustavo into the bottom corner. After a while, Al Batin could lead again, and Lopez added a second hit. He spotted the high-positioned keeper and tried to surprise him with a half-court shot. He had little luck.

Al-Nassr scored in the 102nd minute. Al Fatil took advantage of the confusion in the penalty area. He aimed at the bottom corner from close range. Two minutes later, Mohammend Maran made the score 3-1. He finished off Ghareeb’s excellent counter and pass with a precise technical shot.

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Al-Nassr continues to lead the Saudi league table thanks to the victory. After 19 games, they are two points ahead of second place Al-Ittihad. Ronaldo did not increase his goalscoring this time, he can thank his teammates for that.



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