πŸ”’ What if Rodgers doesn’t come, Jets?

The New York Jets want Aaron Rodgers, who has also said he wants the franchise. However, in the NFL it is not enough to match for the commitment to be signed. There is a third party involved in the deal that won’t want to leave like the one that left empty-handed: the Green Bay Packers. It’s been 15 days since the quarterback went on Pat McAfee’s show and said he’d like to go to New York, but nothing has happened.

From what is reported, negotiations are ongoing, but there is still no agreement. There are no reasons for mystery or a smokescreen: the number 12 had the intention of retiring and, as everything points out, going to the Jets is the only solution he accepts. However, things in the NFL change very quickly and the longer a deal takes, the more time other parties have to think. What if Rodgers and the Packers pull back and hit each other? Or does a team come in with a huge offer and the quarterback also swings?

O plano B

That’s the truth: The Jets are going all-in on Rodgers. It must be remembered that the team is looking for a consolidated name in the league and not someone who arrives to try to prove himself. Playing in the AFC East, the New York team fought hard for the playoffs, but it was evident that they lacked a quarterback to lead the unit: less than 300 points were scored, the fifth worst mark in the league. On the other hand, the defense only conceded 316, fourth best in the NFL.

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