Zaniolo out of the Rome project, the very hard line of the Friedkins

Zaniolo is out of the Rome project. The Friedkins have chosen the hard line, indeed very hard. No possibility of reinstatement in pink: the player will be guaranteed salary and rights, nothing more. The option of going back on the decision is not in the least considered, for a property that has always considered wearing the yellow and red shirt a great privilege.

The reconstruction

According to the internal reconstruction of Trigoria, Zaniolo refused to train and make himself available of the coach for the match against Spezia. These are the two behaviors that led to the definitive and irremediable break with the company, ready to take disciplinary measures.

No possibility of negotiationat the cost of paying a year and a half of empty salaries and losing him on a parameter in June 2024. Then clearly, if an offer with economic contents similar to that of Bournemouth were to arrive in the summer, Zaniolo could be sold and continue his career elsewhere, but the decision is made. The Tirana hero will never wear the Roma shirt again.


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