Youth activity in Genoa – ASD JUDO NOVASCONI LA ​​SPEZIA

The new recruits of Judo Novasconi have begun the journey of competitions and the occasion was the UISP competition splendidly organized by Maestro Tesini (8th Dan) in the Manesseno hall of Genoa.

Short times, a minimum of two meetings per child and awards for all are the ingredients put in place for this event which went quickly and smoothly, leaving both carers and insiders satisfied.

Our club participated with a minimal selection of our very large youth sector by deploying: Giordano Polla, Vittoria Lucignani, Leonardo Lazagna, Julian Kaskija, Alessio Ghidoni, Federico Galati, Anna Brignolo and Sergi Francesco.

In rookies A, Matteo Marchesi and Sara Palermo took the field with the clear intention of accumulating match minutes in view of the next demanding appointments of the year-end calendar.

All the children behaved well by implementing what they try and try again in training with their teachers. Someone had to deal with the excitement of the debut, but everyone showed their judo. In the end, a beautiful medal accompanied them, with a smile, at the end of the morning.



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