World Cup in Oberhof: Dahlmeier and Peiffer rely on relays at the Biathlon World Cup

World Championship in Oberhof
Dahlmeier and Peiffer rely on relays at the Biathlon World Cup

Trusts the DSV relay in Oberhof: Laura Dahlmeier. photo

© Martin Schutt/dpa

Laura Dahlmeier and Arnd Peiffer are multiple biathlon world champions. At the home World Cup in Oberhof, the ex-stars are particularly focused on the relays.

The Olympic champions Laura Dahlmeier and Arnd Peiffer believe that the German biathletes will be particularly successful in the relays at the home World Championships in Oberhof.

“I have the feeling that a lot is possible there. There is a claim to get on the podium and win medals. And they have it,” said the 29-year-old Dahlmeier of the German Press Agency. Ex-team colleague Peiffer is of the same opinion with a view to the title fights on the Rennsteig from this Wednesday until February 19th.

“But you can’t compare it now with a luge world championship, where Germany clears everything. I believe that in every race there is an opportunity and our athletes can get involved. You have to see whether it’s enough for a medal,” said the 35-year-old Peiffer of the dpa.

For the former sprint and individual world champion, Denise Herrmann-Wick and Benedikt Doll also belong to the extended circle of favorites in the individual competitions. “These are the two everyone is looking at and who, in my opinion, have the best chance of winning an individual medal,” said Peiffer. Since Herrmann-Wick has already been an Olympic and world champion, nothing is a must for her anymore. She can reward herself and “she shows this calmness”.

Dahlmeier added: “Denise has the ability to run so that she doesn’t have to hope for the mistakes of others.” Both also have Roman Rees on the list, and according to Peiffer, Johannes Kühn could also ideally get involved in the sprint. The association’s internal claim to finish in the top six in every race is realistic, added Dahlmeier.

At the last home World Cup in 2012 in Ruhpolding, which was attended by a total of almost 220,000 spectators, Peiffer was the focus of attention right from the first race. In the mixed relay, he had to run a penalty loop while in the lead and thus lost gold, instead there was bronze. “It was a new dimension, for me it was a drastic World Cup because everything around it was so much bigger,” recalled the ex-world champion.

For the competitions in Oberhof, for which up to 27,000 fans are expected every day, it is perhaps the best recipe “to simply see it as a privilege that you can be there. You have to keep enjoying yourself despite all the pressure and expectations.” , Peiffer said. A home World Cup is different. It could be an incredibly great experience or, “if it doesn’t work, you’re all the more disappointed. That’s the ridge on which you balance.”




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