Win Sports loses one of its most important men: Where is it going?

More than 10 years working on the growth of the sports channel, the current president leaves office.

Win Sports will lose one of the most important men in the growth of the Colombian sports channel.

After more than 10 years of work, Jaime Parada leaves the presidency.

Although until now the organization of the channel has not reported details of Parada’s departure, the journalist César Augusto Londoño, who until recently was one of the most visible faces of the channel, reported that there are rumors that he would go to another media group. Communication.

Parada confirmed to TIME his departure, and assured that his departure has to do with “new projects”.

Parada, an industrial engineer from the Catholic University, has worked throughout his career at TV Cable and at Telmex Colombia.

Your arrival at Win Sports it was given in mid-2012. During the time he was with the channel, he was President and Director of Programming and Marketing.



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