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Issei Okuno’s Money & Sports Course (21) – Entrepreneurial Program for High School Students

Yuki Sasaki, the female manager of the baseball club in the third grade, and a newcomer who listened to various stories about the economy from Mr. Kazunari Okuno, who teaches students about investing in home economics classes while serving as a baseball club advisor at Shuei High School. Ichiro Suzuki, a baseball boy who is a member of the club. Last time, starting with the challenge of the N High Investment Club, where high school students invest in stocks, the two were greatly inspired by listening to stories about stock investment with a sense of the real world.

In the evening after the baseball club practice ended after dark, Yuki and Suzuki couldn’t hide their excitement in the club room. It was because I felt like I saw a new scenery that was a little different from my high school life.

Suzuki: “There are high school students doing various things.”
Yuki: I heard that some high school students start their own companies.

“Of course you can do it,” said Okuno-sensei, joining the conversation.

Okuno: In reality, setting up a company all of a sudden may be a high hurdle, but many places are now holding entrepreneurship programs for high school and university students. or something.”

This is stated on the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Entrepreneurship Start Dash, an entrepreneur training program for high school students to expand the base of entrepreneurs.

“The general image of entrepreneurs is that they have a talent that sets them apart from ordinary people, but I started my own business based on my experiences as a student and trivial triggers in my daily life. There are various reasons for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship on the extension of.

“Entrepreneurship Start Dash” listens to the voices of various entrepreneurs and learns about “entrepreneurship”, as well as acquire the mindset necessary for entrepreneurship and the skills to shape your ideas. I aim to

Businesses are also looking at this area. Recruit’s “High School Student Ring” is one of them. It is a participatory entrepreneurship program for high school students, and is described as a “participatory program that begins with familiar awareness.” There are also events where each school proposes a theme for starting a business and competes for the winner, and high school students come up with ideas such as “a matching service for seniors” and “a domestic study abroad service that connects seniors and students.” It is

Suzuki: “I feel like I can see the path I should take. Okuno-sensei, what should I start with?”


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