when is it, in which stadium will it be played, where to buy tickets and more

(CNN Spanish) — Attention NFL fans! Super Bowl LVII is getting closer and will feature the two best teams of the season.

On the one hand we have the champion of the American Conference (AFC), the Kansas City Chiefs, who were also the ones who most wins they had in the regular season in the AFC with a 14-3 record.

At the other extreme are the Philadelphia Eagles, which was the NFC champion team and the most winning regular season NFC team with the same record as the Chiefs.

It will be a duel to remember and, in addition, it will see two of the best quarterbacks in the league face off: Patrick Mahomes (27 years old, it will be his third appearance in “super Sunday” and already 1 Super Bowl title) and Jalen Hurts (24 years old and will play his first Super Bowl).

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When is the 2023 Super Bowl and what stadium will it be played in?

He Super Bowl This year, which is the LVII edition in NFL history, will be held on Sunday, February 12.

It will take place at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, United States.

Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET (4:30 p.m. Arizona time).

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State Farm Stadium will host the NFL’s Super Bowl LVII on February 12. (Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Where to buy tickets?

In its section dedicated to the Super Bowl, NFL website notes that the league’s official hospitality partner is On Location, a company that “provides guaranteed access to premium tickets, exact seat locations and all-inclusive pre-game experiences within the security perimeter.”

When you enter that section of the Super Bowl on the NFL site, you will see a section that says “Buy Tickets” (“Buy tickets”) at the top, right next to the “Event Info” tab (“Information of the event”).

Click on “Buy Tickets” and the page will automatically redirect you to the On Location website where you can buy official Super Bowl tickets.

View on television or internet

According to the NFL, Super Bowl 2023 will be broadcast in dozens of countries, including those with the main audience:

  • USA: you can televise it on FOX or watch it for free on the NFL app
  • Mexico: ESPN, Fox Sports, Televisa, TV Azteca and with the NFL Game Pass on the internet (for 20 Mexican pesos)

The halftime show

Pop star Rihanna will be in charge of starring in the halftime show del Super Bowl LVII.

“Today, Apple Music, the NFL and Roc Nation announce that international icon, businesswoman and philanthropist Rihanna will take center stage at State Farm Stadium for the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show at Super Bowl LVII,” the league said in a statement. a press release from september last year.

in januarythe singer and fashion mogul presented a preview on social networks of what will be her next halftime show.



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