Werder Bremen: The club is planning that with a filling jug! Team to be rebuilt – WERDER BREMEN

First good news for all Werder fans: “We will not raise ticket prices for the coming season,” announced Bremen boss Klaus Filbry (56). The second good news: The promoted team wants to rebuild its squad for the coming season and make it qualitatively stronger. The goal is to establish the 1992 European Cup winner in the Bundesliga.

“We want to develop as a club. This also means that there will be changes in the team in the summer, not only to improve quality, but also to set new stimulus points to increase competition,” says manager Frank Baumann (47).

Last year, the club kept its well-established promotion team together as much as possible. The plan is working so far. Before the game in Frankfurt, Bremen is ninth despite the 2-0 loss to Dortmund. For the new series, the bosses are planning a slightly different strategy, especially since top offers threaten to leave players like national player Niclas Füllkrug (30).

The current budget for the professional team is around 33 million euros, which will be increased. The final total is unclear. Werder has around 38 million euros in liabilities. But last year, a profit of 6.8 million euros was generated. In addition, sponsorship, merchandising and hospitality revenues will increase by up to ten percent.

The new main sponsor Matthäi alone (contract until 2026), who will replace Wiesenhof on July 1, pays around EUR 7 million more per year than the poultry meat manufacturer. He remains as a top sponsor (1.3 million euros per season). In addition, Hummel will replace Umbro as supplier from the 2023/24 season, which also brings extra money. In addition, there are unplanned income from the TV pot in the millions, should Werder achieve a final placement in midfield.

Money that Werder can use well. In order to keep the filling pitcher, the club is tempting with a new contract offer and increased salaries. The contract of coach Ole Werner (34) should also be extended in the long term. If he stays in the league, he only goes until 2024.


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In addition, the people of Bremen hope to be able to start building the new youth training center (NLZ) including a mini stadium in 2023. Professional boss Clemens Fritz (42): “Compared to many other clubs, our NLZ is no longer up to date in terms of the circumstances.”


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