Watch Zulte Waregem-KV Mechelen in cup tonight, Bossut: “Rescue is more important” | Croky Cup 2022/2023

Zulte Waregem and KV Mechelen can brighten up a difficult season in the league with a cup final. The first leg of the semi-final is tonight at 8.45 pm, from 8.35 pm you can watch Canvas or here on the live stream. Radio 1 is also there live.

  1. before, 11 a.m. 4. Dress rehearsal last month won ZW. Zulte Waregem-KV Mechelen was the first game for both teams of 2023 on January 8, on the 19th matchday. The score was 2-0: Rommens quickly opened the score, KVM came up after the break with some chances, including Schoofs on the crossbar, but after a foul on Vormer, the ball hit the spot. Gano delivered the final verdict. .
  2. in advance, 06:23. Live on Sporza. You can follow this second semi-final live on all Sporza channels. Here with text updates and with the live stream. The TV broadcast starts at 8.35 pm with Karl Vannieuwkerke as presenter and Gert Verheyen and Francky Van der Elst. Peter Vandenbempt comments. On Radio 1 you can listen to commentary by Tom Boudeweel. .
  3. 02-02-2023.
  4. in advance, 17 hours 34.
  5. in advance, 5:30 PM. Coach Mbaye Leye always speaks his mind. He is upright and everyone is equal before the law. He can come off sharply, but then he laughs again. The group is behind him and the board senses that. . Sammy Bossut (Zulte Waregem).
  6. in advance, 5:29 PM RETRO: Zulte Waregem wins the cup in 2017 after a penalty shootout against KV Oostende.

    RETRO: Zulte Waregem wins the cup in 2017 after penalty shootout against KV Oostende

  7. in advance, 17:29. Zulte Waregem can be labeled as a cup team. Since returning to the top flight in 2005, it has played 17 cup campaigns. It either became a finalist or never made it past the quarter-finals. “Then we’re going for the final again,” smiles Sammy Bossut, who has been a player at the Gaverbeek for 17 years. He describes the cup win of 2017 as his best moment. “Mentally we were very strong and we never gave up. We were concentrated in the penalty series: we kicked well and I stopped 2 myself. Then you feel like the hero.” .
  8. in advance, 5:27 pm. That we haven’t lost to KV Mechelen yet this season? That just makes them dangerous. They will want revenge. . Sammy Bossut (Zulte Waregem).
  9. in advance, 5:26 pm. Sammy Bossut: “Chapeau for the great effort of the club this winter”.

    Sammy Bossut: “Chapeau for the great effort of the club this winter”

  10. in advance, 5 pm 25. Zulte Waregem – KV Mechelen. Zulte Waregem is still in the danger zone, but the final of the Belgian Cup could mean a big boost. Club monument Sammy Bossut (37), however, indicates what is important: “The rescue”, he clearly states. “The cup is secondary, although I want to win again. Competing on two fronts is fun for the continuation of the competition.” .
  11. Before, 5:25 pm


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