Vinícius Jr. is unleashed in the Champions League

The Champions League does not weigh on him. Vinícius Jr. is joy, he is dribbling, he is speed, he is goal. The Brazilian is in the best stage of his career. At the age of 22, he follows his evolution and his goals are increasingly decisive for Real Madrid. This Tuesday he rubbed the lamp and led Real Madrid’s 2-5 comeback against Liverpool by scoring twice, offering an assist, generating the free kick that generated the third goal and participating in the two counterattacks in Benzema’s goals.

Vini Jr. has matured. Gone was that impulsive Brazilian who arrived at the age of 18 full of magic and with the weight of being considered the “new Neymar”. Now there are fewer bikes and more speed, less decorations and more definition, it’s been four years since he arrived in Madrid and the team is rubbing their hands.

It came in exchange for 45 million euros and today its value is 120, the third best valuation in the world behind Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland. Last season Vini Jr. scored 20 goals and offered 22 assists, and now he has 18 celebrations and nine ratings. In the absence of the last third of the season, everything seems to indicate that the Brazilian will improve the record obtained last season.

The two goals this Tuesday and all his physical display in attack and defense leave Vini Jr. as the MVP of the match. With the game down 2-0, the Brazilian invented a cross shot to the base of Alison’s opposite post. He did it in the middle of four rivals and with the precise thread so that the ball slipped through the only space available.

Vinícius Jr. honored CR-7 with his celebration. / @real Madrid

Then he found the 2-2 tie by going decisively to put pressure on the experienced goalkeeper Alison, his teammate in the Brazil team, who hit the ball in Luis Pies when trying to clear and the ball went into the goal. It was lucky? For some, luck is the result of perseverance, and it was just what Vinícius Jr. made to insist on shrinking even though he will be one of the most solvent cuidapalos in the world.

As if the two goals were not enough, the Brazilian generated the free kick on the edge of the area from the left wing that resulted in a free kick executed by Modric for Militao to score with a header from the third, and also served the ball to Benzema for the fifth. The only goal he did not participate in was in the fourth, which was a wall between Rodrygo and Benzema on the right wing.

Carlo Ancelotti in the press conference after the win was sincere and forceful when asked about the Brazilian’s latest news. “He is the most decisive player in world football. There is no player with that continuity. Hopefully he can continue like this ”.

Vini Jr. has a contract with the White House until June 2024 and his salary is one of the lowest in the current squad (3.2 million euros per year), so there is already talk of a contract extension with a salary increase that raise it to the upper area of ​​the nominal structure, as close as possible to 9 kilos. @mundiario


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