Verstappen takes into account a new title fight with Hamilton

If Max Verstappen gets a competitive car from Red Bull again this year with which he can go for the title, he will take into account that the title fight could once again be between him and Lewis Hamilton. But he doesn’t just keep an eye on the seven-time world champion.

The 2022 season could hardly be better for Red Bull and Verstappen. The Dutch two-time world champion dominated the season with fifteen victories in 22 races. It was therefore a completely different picture than in 2021, when he fought for the title with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton until the last race – and the last round.

Last year, however, Mercedes was not a threat due to the disappointing performance of the W13. Nevertheless, Verstappen takes into account that Hamilton could again be a title rival this year. “He is one of the best drivers ever in this sport, so if he has the car for it then he can fight for the title again,” Verstappen said. Sky Sports.

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But, Verstappen immediately adds, not only Hamilton could pose a threat. Hamilton’s teammate George Russell, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and McLaren driver Lando Norris also have a chance, according to Verstappen. “If you give them a car that is capable of winning the championship, they can do it.”

What can be the distinguishing factor is the pressure. “If you have that car, there is pressure involved and you cannot afford to make any big mistakes,” says Verstappen. “It’s a little different pressure, but I’m convinced that if they’re in a flow, they have the talent to handle it.”

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At the same time, Verstappen warns that there are no guarantees that he and Red Bull can go for the third title. “You always try to go for it, but I don’t know if we will be good enough. Of course we believe in that as a team, we are very motivated. We have had a very strong season and are constantly working to try and go for it again,” said the Dutchman.


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