Venezuela defeats the Bahamas 115 by 70 in the qualifying window for the 2023 Basketball World Cup

In a very important game for those led by Fernando Duró, the Venezuelan team achieved a 115-70 victory against a team from the Bahamas, which did not shine at any time during the match.

The Poliedro de Caracas was the setting for the national team to delight the spectators with this result that brings Venezuela closer to qualifying for the 2023 Basketball World Cup.

In the first quarter, the Venezuelan team started with a good offensive rhythm and maintained a 33-21 lead, thanks to the actions of Michael Carrera and Néstor Colmenares, who were effective with their shots.

For the second quarter, the Creole team continued to show its offensive power against the Bahamas and increased the lead on the scoreboard.

The Venezuelan team did not stop their actions and after the break, they came back energetic with a constant attack on the hoop, to increase the result in the third and last quarter, respectively.

The best scorers for Venezuela were: José Materán with 16 points, David Cubillán (16), Néstor Colmenares (14), Michael Carrera (14) and Windi Graterol with 14 points.



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