Valencia Basket loses steam against Maccabi

Valencia Basket loses steam against Maccabi

Those of Mumbrú, from more to less, yield in the Euroleague after five victories


Valencia Basket lost (93-94) at La Fonteta this Thursday against Maccabi Tel Aviv on matchday 23 of the Euroleague, a clash in which they shone in the first half but faded in the second, failing the good streak to despite having the last possession.

Álex Mumbrú’s team went hand in hand against a direct rival, who equaled 12-11 at the gate to the ‘playoffs’, with the ‘basket average’ for the Israeli team. The visiting 34 points after the restart showed a Valencia that was paying for the effort of the last few weeks, although Jones was able to win the game.

The ‘taronja’ team started with three minutes of heavy shoes, accusing the marathon of the week, but immediately brought out their European moment. Harper and Evans distributing play, Pradilla in the paint, Radebaugh… Valencia did not lack protagonists.

On the other hand, those from Tel Aviv, without Lorenzo Brown due to injury, weighed down by the lack of minutes from Baldwin IV due to two early fouls. Without success from outside or leadership on the parquet, Maccabi was passed over by the illusion of La Fonteta. With a 3+1 from Radebaugh, Valencia escaped four minutes from the break (47-38).

And with the triples from Harper and Radebaugh himself, Mumbrú’s team left the locker room with a great taste in their mouths. However, Baldwin IV focused on the restart, Dibartolomeo was inspired from the outside and Maccabi also became the master of the rebound to live their best moment at La Fonteta (67-77).

Valencia, already with experience in pushing until the end, trailed into the last quarter but determined to make war. Thus, Mumbrú’s men held on to the match with a three-pointer from Jones and Harper was able to secure extra time from the free kick but missed the second. Maccabi did not kill either and the miraculous option, with three seconds, vanished in a short shot from Jones for a Valencia that will have to continue rowing for the ‘Top 8’.


–RESULT: VALENCIA BASKETBALL, 93 – MACCABI TEL AVIV, 94. (55-45, at halftime).


VALENCIA BASKET: Harper (20), Radebaugh (11), Puerto (5), Claver (3) and Alexander (6) –starting five–; Jones (13), Pradilla (13), Webb III (-), Evans (3), Rivero (4), Prepelic (15).

MACCABI TEL AVIV: Adams (5), Baldwin (19), Martin (10), Colson (17) y Nebo –quinteto inicial–; Baldwin IV, Dibartolomeo (17), Menco (2), Sorkin (6), Hilliard (-), Braimoh (5), Ziv (4).

–PARTIALS: 28-24, 27-21, 23-34, 15-15.

–REFEREES: Lottermoser, Nikolic and Racys. No deleted.

— PAVILION: La Fonteta.



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