Turkey quake: Further ambiguity – sad turnaround about ex-Chelsea star Atsu Sports

He was considered saved…

There is still no sign of life from ex-Chelsea professional Christian Atsu (31).

The offensive player from Süper Lig club Hatayspor was among those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

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Several media reported on Monday that Atsu was rescued alive from the rubble and allegedly taken to a hospital.

Shortly thereafter, however, doubts arose about this version. Hatayspor coach Volkan Demirel (41) told the Turkish “Hürriyet” about Atsu and another Hatayspor employee: “Please don’t write that he survived without being sure that he survived.”

Now one of Atsu’s teammates, whose statements unfortunately do not increase hopes for the well-being of the ex-England professional.

Sam Adekugbe (28) told Spor Arena that Atsu was at his house the night before the earthquake. “We rested at home with some of my teammates after the Kasımpaşa game (Atsu still scored to win 1-0, ed.) on Sunday evening. As they were leaving the house, an earthquake happened. Everything started shaking. I thought I was having a panic attack. Then the furniture and the TV started to fall over. Glasses and plates broke in the kitchen. It was like a movie. You see collapsing buildings, fires.”

And further: “There is confusion as to the whereabouts of Christian Atsu, who was at my house that evening.”

That fits with Atsu’s agent Nana Sechere’s descriptions. He had previously said to the English “Mirror”: “The last I heard from him was on Sunday at midnight. Christian and his teammates played poker at a friend’s house until 3:30 a.m.

Sechere on the timing: “The drive back to his apartment took about half an hour. It returned at 4 a.m. and the earthquake started about 20 minutes later.”

Since then – contrary to what was previously heard – no one has had any contact with Atsu.


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