Triple H responds to NBA over player fined $25,000 for DX celebration

As a reminder, Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid recently celebrated a basket with the famous D-Generation-X “Suck It” gesture during a game that earned him a $25,000 NBA fine.

The King of Kings responded to the matter sarcastically in a tweet:

Curious, @JoelEmbiid… If you write a bigger check now, could you get a volume discount to cover the rest of the season? #IllChipIn #SuckIt

This response from The Game has WWE as well as NBA fans also getting some sarcasm with responses like:

The world needs Embiid to come to Raw with DX : Gravy

So, will be what number entrant in the Royal Rumble ? : Punitive

HHH ! Joel needs a belt ! : James Magliano

Triple H and Embiid once met a few years ago to open an NBA game when they both walked in with the DX theme, remains to be seen if the basketball player will continue the celebration or put a twist on it. term.

Photo credit: WWE



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