Trapp before the contract extension at Eintracht Frankfurt

It’s been a fantastic year for Kevin Trapp, and the 32-year-old goalkeeper may be playing better than ever. It’s no wonder that Eintracht would like to extend the contract, which runs until 2024, ahead of time. Execution could be announced soon.

Should harmony be preserved for a long time: Kevin Trapp.


1st place in the kicker rankings in summer, 3rd place in winter – Kevin Trapp is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga at the moment. Although in some statistics he occupies far from a top spot. “Kevin has one of the worst catch quotas in the league,” marvels coach Oliver Glasner. The statistics show: Trapp only intercepted nine of 231 crosses into the penalty area (3.9 percent), which is the fifth worst value in the league. With a save rate of 62.1 percent, he is only in the middle (10th place). “The way we play, we defend a lot from the start, but if the opponent gets through, it’s a big chance relatively quickly. We consciously accept that,” explains the coach. He is convinced: “If you only took the one-on-one situations, he would probably be one of the best or the best in the league.”

Glasner is impressed that his goalkeeper is reliable “in crucial situations” with rescue days. “It’s often said that a goalkeeper has to be good with his foot, and that and that and that… I always say: the core skill is to save balls, and Kevin is outstanding at that,” emphasizes the coach. “If I want the best footballer in goal, I would put in the ten. A goalkeeper usually gets three or four shots on goal in a game, so you have to be there. Kevin often helped us in crucial situations.”

He doesn’t dare to judge the goalkeeper game in detail, but in terms of “charisma and presence” Trapp “made another leap”. The people in front also benefit from this: “It gives the team security, not just the defense.”

Trapp should stay in Frankfurt after the active career

Meanwhile, there are increasing signs that the goalkeeper will soon extend his contract, which runs until 2024. It is planned that the leading player will remain with the club after his career in another function. That too could be regulated by contract. Recently there had been irritations with Trapp’s advisor Volker Struth, but the waves have smoothed out again. This is also evidenced by the commitment of left-back Philipp Max (PSV Eindhoven), who, like Trapp and Mario Götze, is represented by Struth’s agency “Sports360”.



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