This is why Santos chose Poland. His friend reveals. “You have Żubrówka” Polish National Team

Fernando Santos, after eight years of work as the coach of Portugal, took over the Polish national team. He exchanged Portuguese and Greek heat (because he had worked in these countries so far) for Polish frosts, which he found out about during the last round of Ekstraklasa. So what prompted the 68-year-old trainer to come to our country? Because it’s definitely not the weather.

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This convinced Santos to come to Poland. His friend reveals: “zubrowka”

This question was answered by Santos’ friend Antonio Muchaxo in an interview with “fact“. – A good reason is that you have Żubrówka – the man laughed. – The history of Poland is also interesting. It is an old country like Portugal. Besides, sometimes a person needs a change. Staying in one place stops developing. Especially in such a industry like football, I’m sure he’ll do well in Poland,’ he added.

The two men’s friendship has been going on for 50 years. They met when Santos came to Estoril to work as an engineer in a hotel and play football at Estoril Praia. Muchaxo was also a member of this club, but its chess section. Nevertheless, they liked each other. Muchaxo revealed what Santos is like in private. “First of all, he’s a very good person you can rely on. Fernando is very, very religious. He goes to church regularly. When he’s in Portugal, it’s practically every day. He also helps the clergy as much as he can.

Santos’s friend has no doubts. “I can only congratulate the Poles”

The man also appreciates his friend for his achievements, although Santos has recently been criticized in his country. His national team was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar after meeting Morocco. Cristiano Ronaldo was also controversial. “In my opinion, he is the best coach in Portugal. Number one. I can only congratulate the Poles. You have chosen the right man for the position of coach – praised Antonio Muchaxo.

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The first match of Fernando Santos as the coach of the Polish team will take place on March 24. Then we will play away to the Czech Republic as part of the Euro 2024 qualifiers in Germany. Three days later we will have a match against Albania in front of our own fans.


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