The University of Valladolid falls by the minimum in its visit to Paracuellos

Badminton players from the University of Valladolid. / The North


The Valladolid suffered against the Madrid team, which they won 4-3 on matchday 5 of the Division of Honor

The North

THE NORTH Valladolid

The victory continues to resist one more week for the badminton team of the University of Valladolid. The highest category of Spanish badminton hardly has a rest and is leaving some matches of high level and intensity. The team led by Enrique Fernández failed to score their first points of the season at Paracuellos del Jarama and is bottom of group B, which would force them to play the playoffs after the regular season so as not to be relegated.

The first match of the day, the mixed doubles, faced Javier González and Clara Campos, a regular couple from the University of Valladolid, against Simon Baron-Vézilier and Eleni Christodoulou from the ANT Paracuellos Group. The locals took the victory scoring the first point for the Madrid team. In the women’s doubles, Marta Fernández and Cristina Rivera lost in three sets against Myriam Alonso and Nelly Iriberry, who increased Paracuellos’ distance to 2-0.

The first point for the Valladolid team came from the duo formed by Javier González and Eduardo Bayón, who defeated Jesús Salso and Marco Fernández, in the most exciting match of the day. The duel was decided in favor of the visiting team in five tight sets, not exempt from arbitration controversy.

In the first batch of singles, Eleni Christodoulou made it 3-1 after beating Marta Fernández in three games. The claw of the UVa player forced the local team to bring out their best level to take the point. Enrique Fernández, for his part, managed to beat Natxo Cervelló and made it 3-2, which left the balance still undecided.

Rodrigo Velázquez returned to the slopes suffering against Simon Baron-Vézilier, in the most difficult match of the day for the Valladolid team. Already with the score 4-2, which certified the victory of the people of Madrid, Clara Campos defeated Nelly Iriberry in four games and placed the final 4-3.


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