The ultra-long winter vacation is coming to an end, and the ophthalmology clinic ushers in the peak of outpatient visits. These “pitfalls” for myopia prevention and control can no longer be stepped on-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The super-long winter vacation is coming to an end, and the ophthalmology clinic is ushering in the peak of outpatient visits. These “pitfalls” for myopia prevention and control can no longer be stepped on

Chen Ruru performed an eye examination on the child.

The winter vacation is coming to an end, and there are many children who come to have their eyes checked.

Hangzhou Daily News “Before the child read fine print and could still see clearly, I wanted to delay without wearing glasses. Unexpectedly, the temperature increased by 50 degrees in three months.” In the Eye Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University (Zhejiang Provincial Eye Hospital) Outpatient Clinic of Optometry Center in Hangzhou Campus, Mr. Zhao was a little helpless after taking his son to see the doctor.

The long winter vacation is drawing to a close, and the Zhejiang Provincial Eye Hospital’s Hangzhou campus has ushered in a small peak of outpatient visits. 70% of the patients who come to see a doctor are teenagers and children, and the vast majority are patients with refractive errors. Chen Ruru, head of the optometry department, received a total of 83 children yesterday. She told the reporter: “Because of recuperating after ‘Yangkang’, many children’s time for outdoor activities has been significantly reduced, and the time spent using screens has risen sharply. There are not a few whose eye degrees have increased by 50 degrees or more in three months.” It is expected that after the school starts next One week, the visits will continue to peak. “I especially want to tell parents that the prevention and control of myopia is a race against time, and continuous and regular inspections are very important.” Chen Ruru reminded, “There are many misunderstandings, which are very typical.”

Myth 1

Play table tennis and badminton indoors, it doesn’t matter to go outdoors

Many parents believe that it is cold outdoors in winter, and letting children play badminton or table tennis indoors can exercise the flexibility of the eyeballs, which is the same as outdoor activities in controlling myopia. But are they really the same?

“Of course it’s different. Regarding the prevention and control of myopia, we emphasize the intensity of light, which stimulates the secretion of dopamine, thereby delaying the growth of the eye axis and controlling the progression of myopia, while indoor exercise has nothing to do with sunlight.” Chen Ruru suggested that even walking or basking in the sun is a good thing. It is beneficial. Only when children are exposed to full-spectrum sunlight outdoors and have a certain field of vision can it be effective to control myopia.

Myth 2

Radiation from electronic products causes myopia to rise rapidly

“Many people say that the rapid increase in the degree is caused by the radiation of electronic products. In fact, this statement is very one-sided. The causes of myopia are complicated. Nowadays, many children play with mobile phones and tablets. The closer they are, the closer they are. Too much is the cause of myopia, which is the same as reading for a long time.” Chen Ruru said.

In the outpatient clinic, there are many children in the lower age group of elementary school, most of whom are in the first and second grades of elementary school. Children in this age group have a common characteristic, that is, they love to read books. Chen Ruru said that whether it is playing with mobile phones, reading books, or doing handicrafts, it may cause myopia. Parents should pay attention to the time of using eyes at close range and the interval of rest. Use eyes for 20 minutes and rest for 20 seconds.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Reporter Ke Jing Correspondent Ye Qian/Text reporter Zhang Zhibing/Photo Editor: Wang Hao



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