The Top 25 of the best players in the league revealed, big controversy over Luka Doncic!

The rankings of the best basketball players in the big league are always talked about, and the latest was no exception to the rule. Luka Doncic in particular found himself at the heart of the debates, the fans being scandalized by his place in the rankings.

While we have spent fifty games in the NBA, the race for the MVP is becoming more and more intense and deciding between the stars at the head of the race is becoming very complicated. But some media don’t hesitate to cut to the chase, like The Ringer who published his ranking of the best players in the league. This one sees Nikola Jokic ascending the throne, ahead Giannis Antetokounmpo et Stephen Curry :

Luka Doncic’s ranking has fans screaming

As one might expect, this ranking provoked a host of reactions and in particular opinions that disagreed with that of the American media. We think in particular of Joel Embiid’s 6th place which seems so low, but it is above all Luka Doncic (5th) which sparked heated debate. Second best scorer in the league, the Slovenian carries the Mavericks at arm’s length and according to Internet users, he clearly did not receive enough consideration:

KD in front of Luka? OK, agreed…

Luka dominates the entire league with one of the 5 worst squads at 23, seriously

Luka fifth, it automatically invalidates this ranking

Is Luka Doncic much too low in this Top 25 signed The Ringer? In any case, this is the opinion of many fans. Individually, El Matador is most likely on the podium, but if we add the results of Dallas (27-25, 6th in the West), that may be what makes him fall in the standings.



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