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Paige Spinarac. Archivo

Paige Spiranac was a professional golfer for many years, but in a turn of events she ended up becoming one of the most recognized influencers worldwide due to her beauty. With three million followers on Instagram, the athlete saw that her future spent more being in front of the cameras and the flashes than in the green.

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The 29-year-old American, born in Colorado, is quite the personality on Instagram. After golfing at the University of Arizona and then San Diego, Paige won the All-Mountain West in 12-13 and 13-14. However, her appearance in her media was the trigger for her followers to rise like foam, followers that transcended the purely sporting.

Paige Spiranac was on the cover of Sports Illustrated

In statements by the golfer to the Yahoo portal, there was an event that changed her life. Sports Illustrated magazine invited her to be the protagonist of a photo session in underwear that made her recognition derive from her more as a model and influencer than as an athlete, this changed her “way of seeing things” .

“I was going through a very hard time where I was still new to social media. She was transitioning from playing golf professionally to being in the media full time. She was dealing with a lot of personal issues and I was feeling very stuck,” recalled Paige Spiranac.

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