The Raspberry Festival is getting ready

Concèze. The Raspberry Festival is already in preparation. Cathy Trarieux, president of COFF, brought together the board of directors to take stock of the organization of the next raspberry festival, which will take place on July 9, in Concèze.

Positions are trained and managers appointed. The ten sheets of dough for the large pie are ordered. Raspberry suppliers (300 kg) are contacted. The reservation of equipment (barriers, tables, marquees) is recorded. The floral decoration of the church is entrusted to the “Sabot de Vénus” and Patrick David takes responsibility for the car parks.

The prizes for the raffle are defined. Exhibitors made themselves known. In animation, archery is renewed, under the aegis of the hunting society.

There are a few months left to complete all the projects. New volunteers will be welcome, because the success of the event requires a lot of hands.


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