The PSOE asks about the uses of the Children’s Palace and warns of its poor condition


The PSOE councilor in the Oviedo City Council Diego Valiño has announced this Friday that he will ask the Government Team about their plans for the Children’s Palace, closed definitively in 2021, and has warned of its poor condition, with leaks, leaks and problems of air conditioning.

In a press release, Valiño has assured that the Government Team wants to take to this place sports activities such as judo or karate that were being carried out in the Palacio de los Deportes, something that raises “doubts” among the Socialists. “They have been announcing the remodeling works of the Palacio de los Deportes for four years and it turns out that until January 12 they had no idea where to relocate part of the activities and, in addition, they intend to move them to a building that, according to what they have told us, is not can use provisionally”, he asserted.

The councilor has shown his surprise at the government team’s plans to bring part of the sports activities and clubs that regularly use the equipment designed by Ildefonso Sánchez del Río to the first floor of the Palacio de los Niños.

The councilor recalled that there are reports from the Buildings section that confirm the poor condition of the Winter Park facilities, “with problems of leaks, leaks and air conditioning.” “In addition, all the requests that we had made since the Children’s Palace was closed to provisionally use this building were rejected on the grounds that it was necessary to determine first who should assume the repairs, either the City Council or the previous concessionaire, Outdoor XTRM”, he added.

The socialist mayor has also indicated that in a municipal commission, the Government Team reported that “it was not advisable to make use of the Children’s Palace, since the company could attribute the defects to the City Council”, despite which, it has been the seat of employment plans such as the recently completed ‘Oviedo takes care of you’.

“We are once again facing another improvisation, another botched job by Messrs. Canteli and Cuesta, who have had years to plan the work on the Palacio de los Deportes and, weeks after it begins, they do not know where to move the activities”, has denounced Valiño.

Meanwhile, he stressed, the Children’s Palace “has been closed and unused for fifteen months”, without the government team “having done absolutely nothing of the various promises it has made in recent months”.

The PSOE believes that “Oviedo cannot do without its only facility for children.” If a new service cannot be specified for the moment, he pointed out, its provisional use should be allowed to host programmed municipal activities related to childhood and adolescence by different councils, as the headquarters of the Council for Child and Adolescent Participation of the municipality of Oviedo and incorporate it into current municipal conciliation programs.


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