The Principality comes into play

The Orlegi Group has intensified in recent weeks the rounds of contacts to obtain financing for its flagship project – “Asturias 2030” – the reform of El Molinón, and for which different sources estimate that a public investment of 60 million euros would be needed, as THE NEW SPAIN advanced. This great work – initially valued at around 300 million euros – pleases the Principality, which has held various conversations with the managers of Sporting.

The key to the El Molinón project is private capital, which would account for around 80% of the total investment

The regional government has shown itself open to paying for a part of this great project, considering that, if it goes ahead –until mid-2025 it will not even be known if the World Cup is held in Spain–, would have a major economic impact on the region. Not only because of the dispute of the matches that would be held in El Molinón (between 4 and 5 matches in case of leaving the World Cup venue). Also because of the enormous legacy that the work would leave, which would add a very powerful economic pole for Asturias. While, The City Council is suspicious to make a significant investment with El Molinón, maintain different municipal sources.

The electoral scenario also throws up a lot of uncertainty with municipal and regional elections in May. The Central Government would contribute an economic amount to establish the project. But that “help” is safe for all candidates. Not exclusive to El Molinón projected by Orlegi. The key points to being in private capital. Because it would cover 80% of the project, if the initial work plan is maintained, the 300 million euros. There is still a long way to go, points to discuss in the coming months –and years–. But the owners of Sporting continue to work actively, and they do not want to lose the good position gained when the draft was presented to the Spanish Football Federation on September 30, since Tuesday, February 21, an important event is held in Las Rozas among all the candidate venues. An informative meeting with david guerra, executive president of Sporting, in front. But where some of the candidates could take the opportunity to show how their projects are progressing.

Aleco Irarragorri imminently joins the daily life of Mareo, adding face-to-face presence to the Orlegi Group


Orlegi Sports’ agenda in his first months of government in Gijón is hectic, with many chores – yesterday and today, in fact, the Sporting management traveled to PortAventura to be present at the LaLiga conference, after announcing its participation in the Common Goal solidarity project. The rojiblancos owners have accelerated in recent days an important internal structural renovation in Mareo, which not only affects the sporting leg, with the recent arrival of Miguel Angel Ramirez on the bench and the departures of Abelardo and two very important players such as Gragera and Diego Mariño.

In the coming days, the face-to-face incorporation of Aleco Irarragorri, advanced by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. The Mexican leader, who is part of the Group’s shared services, will land in Gijón to play an important role, in person on a day-to-day basis. Although his functions will also be dedicated to the other two Orlegi clubs, Santos Laguna and Atlas. The property, in this way, increases its presence in Gijón, after one of the most important executives such as Salomón Behar has also settled in Mareo. The person in charge of closing the sports operations has played a crucial role in the performance of Sporting in the last winter market, supported by another of the professionals best valued by the Group, Andres Conesa–his right hand–, and working side by side with Gerardo Garciaresponsible for sports management.


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