The moments of other people’s grief before the Super Bowl

Super Bowl week doesn’t start until Media Day o el Opening Nightwhich not only lends itself to conducting interviews with the players of the two teams that make it to the Super Bowl but is also fertile ground for attracting attention with dynamics that expose creativity, although sometimes that creativity borders on the ridiculous.

For the Opening Night of the Super Bowl, several of the media accredited to the Super Bowl come together, although not all of their accredited are journalists, but rather actors and characters more closely linked to the medium of entertainment, such as the remembered Inés Gomez Mont.

Here we recall some of the sublime moments (and others that are not so much) of the Opening Night, which is usually fertile ground to irritate the players and the occasional manager.

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Inés Gómez Mont’s marriage proposal to Tom Brady

It was in 2011 when the TV Azteca host was sent to cover the Super Bowl. Gómez Mont attended Opening Night and among various international media looking for a place to ask Tom Brady a question, she He came in a wedding dress to propose to the then New England Patriots quarterback.

Brady hit it: “No, I’m a one woman man”. According to Inés Sainz, the idea arose from the entertainment department, led by Paty Chapoy and after making jokes, 10 of the 15 accreditations for that Super Bowl were withdrawn from the Ajusco television station.

Kel Mitchell dressed as Ed

The American actor and comedian, Kel Mitchell, attended the 2017 Opening Night, and stood out among the crowd because he came dressed as Ed, the character he brought to life in the movie “Good Burger,” with everything and little hat and striped shirt.

The American actor got into his character from the 90s movie and his turn at the microphone took Tom Brady’s order: “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, may I take your order?”

The actor handed out a plastic hamburger to his interviewees so they could sign it.

Cooper Maning and his dollar suit

Tell me you like money without telling me you like money. That was exactly what Fox host Cooper Maning did at Opening Night in 2017, which he attended with a suit that could not fail to attract attention, since it had dollars stamped all over it.

With everything and that suit, Cooper Maning left some of the most uncomfortable interviews, with Keanu Neal, player of the Atlanta Falcons.

Julen Hurts and her uncomfortable critic

Hurts is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and has been compared to Michael Jordan. In his first appearance at an Opening Night, he met a reporter who has been critical and at the moment of taking the microphone he confessed: “I must accept that I never thought the Eagles would make it to the Super Bowl with you at quarterback, So I want to tell you, man to man: I’m sorry.”

The awkward moment ended with a monosyllable response from the player: “Genial”.



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