the LNR agrees to work with the interim president of the FFR, Alexandre Martinez

The League, which represents professional rugby, intends not to “in no case be subject to any recovery».

Via a press release, the National Rugby League announced that it had “took note of the Federation’s choice of designate Mr. Alexandre Martinez as interim president of the FFR.» «We sincerely hope that this stage will finally mark a period of calm for all of French rugby.“, Continues the governing body of professional rugby. Who “recalls that the positions and decisions that it has taken in total independence and that it assumes, must in no case be the subject of any recovery“. A message to the opposition Ovale Ensemble who saw in the resignation of the two representatives of the LNR on the Steering Committee tacit support.

«The Six Nations Tournament and a World Cup are ahead of us. It is therefore high time that rugby expresses itself exclusively again and that the athlete finally regains his rights. Anxious to continue to educate our common subjects and issues, which are major for French rugby, the LNR will continue to work with its counterparts in the FFR with the same determination to serve professional clubs, the French team and French rugby.»


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