The league superstar who Michael Jordan regularly texts

As the owner of the Hornets, Michael Jordan still has to watch many NBA games to find out what’s going on in the league. He obviously has a darling among the young superstars, to whom he envgoose regularly messages, with one exception: when he steps on Charlotte. MJ remains a great competitor above all.

Michael Jordan could have completely disconnected from basketball once retired, but he remains very involved in this environment which he made world famous. However, no one would have blamed him if he had decided to concentrate on his many other businesses, and in particular the management of his brand. When we see the hallucinating sum it brings himhe could take care of it full time.

In fact, he quickly felt the need to get involved in Charlotte, with an entry into the capital of the Bobcats in 2006, before becoming the one and only owner in 2010. After inconclusive GM experiences in Washington and then in Carolina North, the legendary No. 23 has decided to take a step back and oversee things from his offices.

Jayson Tatum, Michael Jordan’s protege

Unfortunately for him, who was accustomed to winning when he was on the field, he now leads a franchise that is not advancing and could well end up with the first choice of the next Draft. He therefore decides to watch other matches than those of his players, to observe other superstars, and in particular Jayson Tatum, his favorite. He regularly sends him messages, as the Celtics All-Star explained in reference to a 51-point card against the Hornets:

MJ sends me messages regularly, after every big performance in fact. But on this occasion he said nothing to me. I know he watches absolutely every Hornets game, so he saw what I did against them. But even when he talks to me after my good games, it’s almost unreal. When I see his name pop up on my phone I still can’t believe it.

Born in 1998, Jayson Tatum didn’t really get to see Michael Jordan on the court, except maybe during his final months with the Wizards. But the Celtics superstar is a basketball lover, he knows what the Bulls fullback brought to the league, what he accomplished in his prime, so the emotion is bound to be intense when he receives a new notification from his idol.

The question that may arise with this information is: why Jayson Tatum and not another young superstar? The answer is quite simple, since the No. 0 is sponsored by Jordan Brand, and his performances also make the brand shine. MJ must therefore be quite grateful, as with Luka Doncic or Zion Williamson, the other muses.

Michael Jordan probably loves énorment Jayson Tatum’s game and mentality, which is why he communicates with him quite regularly. And then, the bond they share through the Jordan Brand must help maintain the relationship.



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