The Ibizan Elías Escandell sweeps the Spanish MX Elite Championship

The young Ibizan rider Elías Escandell once again surprises locals and strangers with his great expertise on the motorcycle. And a good proof of this has been left this weekend in the first round of the Spanish Motocross MX Elite Championship at the Tajoa Racing circuit in Montearagónin Toledo, where the Elite-MX1, Elite-MX2 and MX125 categories were called, with the participation of 110 pilots from all over the national territory and some from other countries, who attended this test due to the good level that exists and to be able to measure himself like this with the great pilots of our country.

Escandell, in an acrobatic jump. | MFIE

Elías Escandell, representative of the Motoclub de Ibiza y Formentera, who had just suffered an injury in 2022 and had not been able to compete for eight months, rode at an excellent level and dazzled in his first competition after that long period of inactivity. This 2023 season, in which he is part of the official team of the Italian factory Fantic, a brand with which he will compete this year in the Spanish Championship, the Italian Championship, the European Championship and the World Championship in the category MX125, has the support of its mechanics and technicians, who traveled to Montearagón to support Elías and to see at what competitive level he was with respect to his rivals, in order to prepare his entire 2023 season.

The Ibizan pilot on the podium | MFIE

And the results obtained by Elías Escandell could not have been better, since the Ibizan led the two sleeves of the MX125 race with great solvency, setting the best times in the race and gaining distance from his rivals at each lap, without committing any failure or give options to their opponents.

With these two victories, Elías Escandell was proclaimed the winner of the event, showing that he is fully recovered from his injury and that he has worked very hard in recent months to be once again at the top of the category as one of the clear candidates to fight for the National, the European and the World Cup.


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