The field smells of oregano

He Barça catch your breath. It shows in the game, in the game’s way of talking, in the ability to turn what happens into a narrative and not a tragedy. The managers are less audible, the professionals in the matter are the ones who call the shots, and the footballers seem, like their coach, normal beings, exposed, as I said Kipling, to triumph and defeat, but aware that he is getting out of both impostures. Barça is, once again, a normal club, and that is truly extraordinary.

The lung of the young reaches Lewandowskiwho recovers his passion when it suits him, and thus, little by little, associating with the boys, like a Giving birth between seasons, it makes a difference (I have learned that expression listening to the radio) until it leaves behind its most direct competitors. The game is effective, not bulky but sufficient, pleasant to watch and stimulating, because no one, from the goalkeeper (especially) to those who shout for the ball to be passed to them, are finally playing for the same team, and laugh or sob at the same time . They are a group that does not party until the end, if they win.

It is a good combination that comes from that association between the eldest, Lewandowski and the newcomers to His Majesty Barça. At one time, before the team of the close-ups of their old quality began to be lowered, those groups in which they were active iniesta y Xavithey seemed blessed by the goodness of soccer, until the club and the team became vulgar, as they say in a song from Los Secretos, when they got off each stage.

Now even the reticent accentuate their admiration with headlines that not only certify the victories but also the manners of the game and praise the Barça team. Even the most compelled, perhaps because of the proximity policy practiced in social gatherings, surrender, at the end of the matches, to the evidence that these victories, which are so often by the minimum, are due to the game and not so much randomly… or the referees, who are called on because it is lazier to analyze football than to stop and think about how the matches are or have been.

It is a happy time, as if the field smelled of oregano. Sometimes in the Barça Of the worst moments, it was said that not all the mountains were oregano, because footballers who seemed to be the incarnation of the best of the past entered the field and it turned out that they were not even good for the present. That unfortunate defeat to which the Barça club was led was placing the team in a situation of delirium and disdain. Everything smelled of rottenness, including the directive, which passed through hands that it is better not to throw away again, in case the bad effluvia return.

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Now the coach, who is one of those who improved the winds and won titles and joys, has inaugurated a way of being that already belonged to his friend Pep Guardiola. It consists of talking about football before and after the matches, that is, in a clear voice, looking at the people, saying why he puts some and not others; why is that one angry or why does he put this one on, what does one tactic consist of and why did he opt for the other. Something to which we are accustomed, again, since it is already known that there was that illustrious precedent, to count the errors and even to warn of uncertainties. And he is, this is very important, a man who also smiles when he loses, or when he says that perhaps he is not going to win.

He is a normal guy with a responsibility because the joy of millions of human beings depends on him, that is, on the team he represents, who at one time believed, believed, that oregano was not going to flourish again on the lands of lost Eden. . Now the field smells of oregano and it seems to me that I am happier than before.



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