the exceptional triple save of Vicario, Empoli goalkeeper against Roma (video)

Despite the defeat of his team against Roma (2-0), it was indeed Vicario, the goalkeeper of Empoli, who distinguished himself during the meeting.

Spectacular goals quickly make the rounds of television channels and social networks. But how not to highlight the exceptional work that some goalkeepers do? In this case, the masterful triple parade of Guglielmo Vicario, goalkeeper of Empoli, against Roma.

A few seconds after returning from the locker room, when his team was already trailing 2-0, Guglielmo Vicario distinguished himself with a fantastic triple save. The first by repelling a beautiful powerful strike, the second by throwing himself quickly on the ground on a volley, and the last, with an acrobatic gesture of the foot when he had not yet resumed his support. Even if he could not avoid the defeat of his team (2-0), this triple parade caught the eye of many spectators, including Grégory Coupet, former goalkeeper of the Blues (34 selections) and regular of the spectacular stops.



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