The environment of Dani Ceballos flirts with Atlético de Madrid: three and a half good games and billing

Daniel Ceballos Contract ends on June 30. The Andalusian midfielder has been the protagonist in recent weeks due to his good performance. Charles Ancelotti gave him the alternative as a starter in Zorrilla, a game in which Dani was inconsequential and in which Real Madrid sweated blood to get the three points, but where he really signed its turning point was in the New Ceramics Stadium. In the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. Villarreal prevailed 2-0 at halftime. Everything changed in the second half. Carlo pulled from Ceballos and Marco Asensio in the 10th minute of the restart and the game changed completely. Dani was key in the epic comeback. Assisting Vinícius to make it 2-1, a cross of his ended up leading to the equalizer and the final goal to complete the comeback and give Madrid a place in the semifinals.

Ancelotti rewarded Ceballos’s enormous game with the title at San Mamés (Madrid won 0-2), against Real at the Bernabéu (0-0 in a great match that only a lack of aim deprived Madrid of adding the three points ), against Valencia in the match postponed for the Spanish Super Cup (another good match that the meringues won 2-0) and in Son Moix (Mallorca handcuffed Madrid who ended up losing to Mallorca 1-0).

After six seasons contract with Madrid -two of them played on loan at Arsenal-, It seemed that his days in Concha Espina were numbered. His situation, however, took a radical turn in 2023. The press related to the Utrerano began to inflate the balloon. Three and a half good games in six years and some already see him as the ideal replacement for Luka Modric. His renewal seems a matter of state.

Curiously, when the club considers sitting down to talk to her mother -she works as Dani’s agent- it leaks that Atlético de Madrid has contacted their entourage to express their interest. An interest that seems to put pressure on a Real Madrid that just a month ago was very clear that Dani, a player valued at 9 million euros in transfermarkHe did not have enough consistency to continue at the Bernabéu.

In 77 games with the Gunners Dani scored two goals and distributed 5 assists. After giving him full confidence, Arteta ended up sitting him on the bench in the final stretch of his second campaign in London. The pass from him to Arsenal uncovered his greatest weaknesses. Deficient withdrawal, very intermittent player who tends to disappear during stretches of the games, he retains the ball too much in the construction, without a goal and with a character that raised doubts about whether he has the material of a great team.

Now, at the age of 26, it is true that he has matured, he is much more intense under pressure, he plays much easier when it comes to building and quality has always been plenty, but the questions about whether he will be able to maintain the level and increase their performance of goals and assists are still at the head of the sports management of Real Madrid. Doubts that he takes advantage of his environment to put pressure with the supposed offer from Atlético. For Ceballos, who had a foot and a half at Betis, the month of January 2023 has changed his life. If he maintains his level, he will break down the door and close many mouths, but for now one thing is clear: be it at Madrid, Atlético or at another big club in Europe, Ceballos has secured a great contract when he had a foot and a half at Betis . Three and a half good games and billing.



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