The editorial blog’ > Top 100 for Roland-Garros? Come on Benoit be chick…

Difficult to express oneself around this advertising campaign for a new product launched with visibly from the heart but which, in terms of realization, is pschitt rather than chick.

That the marketing director chose Benoit Paire to embody the brand seems daring to us, because we always play on the same clichés concerning the French player: the famous pussy and the breaking of the racket.

We can also wonder about the timing because at the moment Benoit is not really “chic” or “poor”, it’s as you want given the level displayed during his last matches.

All of this is not going to help restore an image that is not looking good because although Benoit is endearing, he must above all remain a champion, which he has been able to demonstrate in his career with in particular, and it is useful to call her back, a 18e place in 2016 against 216 at the moment.

We almost want to tell him, Benoit, are you sorry to make every effort to get back into the top 100, or not?



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