The City Council will expand the Vega de Triana Sports Center with two new rugby and beach soccer fields and an investment of 156,000 euros — Municipal Sports Institute

The Seville City Council, through the Delegation for Ecological Transition and Sports, has designed a new expansion of the Vega de Triana Sports Center with the installation of two new sports fields aimed at playing rugby and soccer. The design of these facilities follows the federative recommendations and obligations for competitive sports on a plot of more than one thousand square meters in which the offer of this complex is completed.

The playing surface will be made up of a layer of fine sand 40 centimeters thick, level, flat, horizontal and uniform made up of rounded grains in order to prevent dust from rising. It will be screened so that it does not have large stones or any element that could cause cuts or injuries to the players and it will be placed on a layer of draining material. A geotextile will be placed between both surfaces to avoid possible clogging of the filtering material.

Once the excavation is done, a geotextile will be compacted and placed against the roots to increase the useful life of the installation.

The perimeter delimiting the security bands of the playing field is executed with curbs that will not present edges or angles towards the playing field and will be flush with the surface of the arena. Both facilities, soccer and beach rugby, include an installation of artificial lighting, irrigation and drainage.

The beach soccer court is a rectangle 37 meters long by 28 meters wide; the total dimensions of the court, including the free zone and the auxiliary area, are 33.80 x 54.00 with safety margins, playing field, free zone and auxiliary area. It will be equipped with two interior goals measuring 2.20 high by 5.50 wide.

The beach rugby court is a rectangle 40 meters by 30 meters wide. The total dimensions of the court, including the free zone and the auxiliary area, are 33.80 x 54.00, with safety margins of 2.20 in the ends and 2.10 in the wings, and includes a playing field, zone free and auxiliary area. The playing field will be equipped with two goals measuring 6.4 high by 5.6 inside with a 3 meter wide crossbar. The marking lines will be formed by a 10-centimeter-wide elastic material tape made in a blue color that contrasts with that of the arena. The anchors to the ground of the tapes will be metallic. A 6-meter-high security mesh has been projected that will not be taut and will be placed behind the goal lines with the aim of stopping the balls.

The delegate for Ecological Transition and Sports of the Seville City Council, David Guevara, has highlighted that with this new facility “we continue to fulfill our commitments with the clubs and entities of the city”. Seville is a city of sports because of the great events that we host, but also because of the network of public spaces and the programming of activities that are committed to responding to the concerns of those who understand sport as a way of life”, said Guevara.



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