the Basaki Ragusa school is also a protagonist in Palermo

Another interesting performance for the students of the Basaki school in Ragusa who, last Sunday, took part in the first stage of the judo Restart Criterium Giovanissimi held at the PalaOreto in Palermo. Led by master Salvo Baglieri, once again the Ragusa patrol did well. In particular, Elena Baglieri took first place in the Children’s category 32 kg, followed by Giada Antoci’s second place again in the 32 kg. Alessia Migliorisi finished third in the Girls 32 kg category. Another first place to be underlined, the one conquered by Matteo Greco in the Children’s category 26 kilograms. Thomas Ribaldo finished second in the Children 23 kg category while Angelo Tumino took third place in the Boys 36 kg category. “We return home – comments the master Salvo Baglieri – with a pinch of more experience but above all with the awareness of having the means available to be able to have our say in the context of each competition. This also happened on the occasion of this event held in Palermo in which the little judokas demonstrated their ambitions to the end. And, of course, all of this drives us to do even more and better in view of a future that promises to be ever brighter for all of them. Really good because they have been able to interpret these moments in the best way”. For further information

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judo-la-scuola-basaki-ragusa-protagonista-anche-a-palermo/"/>Judo: la scuola Basaki Ragusa protagonista anche a Palermo"/>



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