The banquet with drugs for sale in the playground for children

A real point of sale, complete with ready-made doses and precision scales. All within walking distance of the children and their mothers. Policemen from the investigative team of the Mecenate police station arrested two men – a 31-year-old and a 25-year-old, both Moroccan citizens – on Wednesday on charges of detention for the purpose of drug dealing after they were caught selling drugs in a children’s playground .

For some days the agents had been keeping an eye on a corner of the public park in via Vittorini, where the two pushers in action had been reported several times. During the last stakeout, the policemen saw on one side the little ones busy playing and on the other the 31-year-old and the 25-year-old in front of a sort of makeshift banquet set up to welcome customers.

At that point the blitz was triggered which resulted in the two being handcuffed, from which the agents seized 60 grams of hashish, 10 of cocaine, cash and six cell phones used to make appointments with buyers, as well as a baseball bat. The intervention of the investigators was greeted by an applause from the families present and from the shopkeepers in the area, tired of the continuous comings and goings of women and men looking for a dose.



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