Spezia Tarros, course reversed after two defeats: Valdisieve ko

After two consecutive losses, the Spice Basket Tarros returns to victory and finds himself again: on the Pontassieve paequet the bianconeri offer a winning and convincing performance. The start wasn’t the best: halfway through the first half, the bianconeri were doubled by the home team (12-6), but a few turns of the clock were enough to take the measures and turn everything around. Tarros wakes up immediately and not only recovers all the disadvantage, but closes the first ten minutes ahead of her opponents (17-20).

And then he remains in front of his opponents for the rest of the race. In the second quarter a 0-9 break, the result of three triples, pushes back Valdisieve, who goes to the long break ten lengths down. Upon returning to the parquet, the gap widens: the hosts are inattentive in defense and inaccurate in shooting; this time the guests seek and find each other, showing team dynamics and mechanisms that are much more oiled and precise than the previous matches. Valdisieve plummets to -18, then recovers something, with the third fraction closing on 50-63.

However, for the Tuscans, it is only an illusion: in the last 10 minutes it is deep red, with the gap widening up to 64-88 sanctioned by the siren. + 24 for Tarros, 24 points which are the answer to the last lackluster performances.

“We saw the reaction we wanted to see – comments the Juventus Sporting Director Maurizio Caluri If we play like this, that is as a team, passing the ball, looking for each other and defending strongly, we can win with all the teams. I’m happy with the performance against Valdisieve, but we have to ‘stay on the spot’ because we haven’t done anything yet. A team like ours, which was built to win, must face every match like this.”.

Next match for Tarros on Sunday 12 February at 18.00 at PalaSprint againstOlympia Woodshed.

ASD Valdisieve – Spezia Basket Club Tarros: 64-88 (17-20, 32-42, 50-63)

ASD Valdisieve: Maltomini 4, Bartolozzi 6, Piccini N., Occhini 25, Morandi 4, Corradossi 2, Forzieri 6, Pilli, Sarti N. ne, Sarti T., Municchi 15, Piccini C. 2. Coach: Pescioli

Spezia Basket Club Tarros: Bolis 8, Ramirez 10, Menicocci ne, Marrucci 5, Gaspani, Steffanini, Vignali 18, Fazio 4, Seskus 22, Balciunas 11, Tedeschi 10. Coach: Scocchera



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