sanctioned and reported by the police

Hustle and bustle on Thursday afternoon, around 2 pm in Piacenza outside a betting shop in the Viale Europa area. The report started from the owner who reported a drunk young man who was very annoying with the people who approached him. A crew of the Radiomobile from Piacenza intervened on the spot and, after calming him down and taking him to the barracks, sanctioned the 21-year-old young man for drunkenness.

Also Thursday, this time around 10pm, in Travo near a bar in piazza Vittorio Veneto lively intervention of the Radiomobile of Bobbio. The customers of the public exercise called 112, but the 25-year-old young man did not stop even in front of the men in uniform. At one point the young man, prey to the fumes of alcohol, began to pick on some customers, becoming annoying and inappropriate and even, once he left the club, he threw a barrier against some parked cars. Those present, failing to calm the young man, decided to ask for the intervention of the carabinieri. On the spot, the “gazelle” of the Bobbio carabinieri and the Marsaglia station patrol found the rowdy still nearby. The latter was not at all intimidated by the presence of men in uniform, on the contrary: completely drunk, he tried to avoid control by yanking a soldier. Then with the help of the other carabinieri present, the young man was blocked and taken to the barracks for identification. The complaint for the crime of resisting a public official and the penalty for drunkenness was triggered for him.

On Friday afternoon, around 18, however, the report from some citizens of Castel San Giovanni arrived at 112 which indicated a man, very upset and perhaps drunk, wearing camouflage and sunglasses, who was wandering the streets of the center with a baseball bat probably looking for some young people who would have mistreated his dog. After about half an hour, the Sarmato station patrol that had been sent to the village managed to track down the man, visibly drunk, reassure him and take him to the barracks. After identification, the 51-year-old was sanctioned for drunkenness and reported for carrying objects capable of offending.



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