RWDM supporters do not want Thierry Dailly to leave, the latter sends them a message: “I love you”

Very quickly, the supporters published photos on the networks in support of Thierry Dailly, the BP05 supporters club then went there with a press release through which it gave its full support to Thierry Dailly while attacking John Textor: “You have managed with great success to develop our RWDM, from a well-managed club with a marked Brussels identity to… a simple satellite club of your galaxy”, he said before claiming that the Brussels roots remain the engine of the club.

At the stadium, the supporters continued their actions by displaying a banner “We want to keep oud identity” while at the same time, Thierry Dailly took to the pitch with Gilles Ruyssen, the captain transferred to Dender during the transfer window. The opportunity for the latter to be applauded by the public and to kick off while the supporters then vigorously chanted the name of Dailly.

After the match, the president of RWDM was again called by the supporters to come and celebrate the victory with them. His name resounded throughout the stadium before Thierry Dailly took the megaphone to punctuate the evening with a “Thank you for your support, I love you” full of sincerity and emotion.

Supporters who hope that Thierry Dailly will remain as president of the RWDM in which case the Machtens stadium risks quickly emptying, one of the supporters telling us that in the bays he was already saying that half of the supporters would no longer come to the stadium if Thierry Dailly was no longer the president of the RWDM.

The banner unfurled by RWDM supporters. ©sterpigny


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