Rositani “testimonial” of the self-defense course for Volta students

Organized by the Panathlon Club of Reggio Calabria, in collaboration with the Rocco Polimeni Tennis Club and the Sgs Fortitudo1903 and with the sponsorship of Coni Calabria, a self-defense course was held for the students of a class of the scientific sports institute A. Volta of Reggio Calabria aimed at “non-violence” which had as “testimonial, Mrs. Maria Antonietta Rositani, victim of an atrocious criminal act, right in the vicinity of the Matteo Pellicone sports center.

The self-defense course was presented last November 25 on the occasion of the international day against violence against women in the great hall of the prestigious city institute with the interventions of the vice president of the Calabria regional council, prof. Giusy Princi, of the director prof. Maria Monterosso, and prof Ilda Tripodi, Cristina Meduri and the lawyers Irene Pignata, Maurizio Condipodero and Ezio Privitera and prof. Richard Partinico.

The self-defense lessons for students, with karate, judo and wrestling techniques, were proposed by Rossella Zoccali, Iurie Ravliuc and Gabriele Mallamace, technical teachers and athletes of Sgs Fortitudo 1903 who supported prof. Luigi Barbarello in curricular and extracurricular hours and concluded on 4 February with the delivery of participation certificates in the Hall of Victories of the Matteo Pellicone Sports Center.

The certificates were signed by Maria Antonietta Rositani in the presence of the city’s top sporting authorities: by the lawyer. Irene Pignata, president of Panathlon of Reggio Callabria; prof.ssa Cristina Meduri of the sports scientific high school, dott.ssa Paola Tripodi, world weightlifting referee, prof. Giuseppe Pellicone, honorary president of Fijlkam, lawyer. Maurizio Condipodero, regional president of Coni; dr. Igino Postorino, honorary president of the Rocco Polimeni Tennis Club, dr. Antonio Laganà, national councilor of Panathlon and prof. Riccardo Partinico, president of Sgs Fortitudo 1903.

The objectives of the course

The educational objectives of the course were: to make known the rules of martial arts, to propose a correct lifestyle, to educate respect for the person, to improve emotional control, to improve self-esteem and the sense of belonging, to improve strength and acrobatic skills. The participating students expressed satisfaction with the opportunities that their institute, Panathlon, the Tennis Club and Fortitudo 1903 have offered them.



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