Roman Kostomarov, the dying skating champion also loses his eye after the viral infection. “Limbs amputated, brain damage”

Roman Kostomarov, the dying skating champion also loses his eye after the viral infection.  “Limbs amputated, brain damage”

Doctors assess the condition of the Olympic ice dancing champion as extremely serious Roman Kostomarov. “A part of his brain was affected and damaged,” Ria Novosti said, citing a source familiar with the situation.

Roman Kostamorov, the skating champion hit by a viral infection

The Shot Telegram channel writes that the Olympic champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov he has completely stopped seeing out of his right eye. According to the channel, the athlete has aphakia: it means the absence of the crystalline lens, i.e. the lens located inside the eye. A few years ago, the skater had it replaced, but now the lens had to be removed due to inflammation of the frontal sinuses, which causes profuse tearing and photophobia. But what happened to the Russian athlete?

Who is Roman Kostomarov

Roman Kostomarov, former Russian ice skater of great success in the early 2000s: Olympic champion in 2006, while twice in a row he managed to become world champion in 2004 and the following year, in 2005. He was three times champion of the Grand Prix final between 2003 and 2005, and three times European champion, between 2004 and 2006. Naturally, these great successes must be shared with the dance partner of all time, Tatiana Navka.

At 46, Kostomarov has long since retired from competitive sport. despite this, however, Romanov continues to perform often and willingly in ice shows. Precisely because of the many shows held in prohibitive temperatures, which increasingly debilitated the athlete, a bad pneumonia forced Kostomarov to go to the hospital, thus skipping the awaited Ilya Averbuck ice show.

Why Kostomarov is hospitalized

Kostomarov was hospitalized at Kommunarka (Moscow, ed.) on January 10th. The skater was diagnosed with total lung damage due to a viral and bacterial infection. The skater spent two weeks hooked up to an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ed.) machine, after which, according to media reports, he underwent several limb amputations in the first half of February.

Kostomarov is the champion of the Turin Games, two-time world champion and three-time winner of the European championship in a dance duet with Tatiana Navka.

What happened

“Part of the brain has been affected, there’s hemorrhaging, a hematoma has formed. The condition is very serious», as reported by the Russian agency.

Kostomarov’s condition is critical: the 46-year-old skater suffered damage to a quarter of his brain due to a hemorrhage and a hematoma in the frontal lobe. “Doctors believe that the otitis infection may have passed from the ears to the brain and cause complications. New formations were found in the frontal, right occipital and left parietal regions. It has developed a intracerebral hematoma of the cerebral hemispheres. The acute phase is observed in the right frontal lobe with edema. Lesions of the white and gray matter of the brain are preserved in all departments, except for the right frontal lobe,” reported the Telegram channel Rbc.

After another surgery, Kostomarov’s condition deteriorated further, with the collapse of the lungs: the right one does not work independently, while there is fibrosis in the left one with accumulation of fluid. Accumulation that is also occurring in other parts of the body due to reduced kidney function.

The Tassciting a source, later said that Kostomarov “had a problem with the vessels of the brain, but the doctors managed to respond quickly to the situation.” “He’s in stable condition now,” the Russian source said.

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