Rocasa is reunited with the victory against Atticgo Elche (28-26)

Rocasa took to the field very focused and intense in defense, with an immeasurable Lulu Guerra. Two circumstances that made it possible to counteract the haste in attack and The irregular aim of the Gran Canarias. A burden that has been penalizing Rocasa in recent times and that today, fortunately, had no direct impact on the scoreboard.

The game was very even throughout the first half, with alternatives on the scoreboard that did not exceed two goals. Every time Rocasa seemed to take a certain advantage, Elche Handball offered the reply to equalize the game again and, even on two occasions, lead the contest.

The first two-goal lead for the visitors came four minutes before the break. Doubts and nerves returned to make an appearance at the Antonio Moreno. But the worst was about to come. Almudena Rodríguez, in an unfortunate action in attack, fell injured with obvious gestures of pain in her knee. The yellow international, who could not leave the track on her own foot, would not return to the field of play. In the next few hours the extent of an injury that does not look good will be known.

A jug of cold water for the locals, who found themselves without one of their offensive strongholds, with two goals down, three minutes before the break. But Rocasa pulled gallons and recovered with integrity. Alba Spugnini and Arinegua Pérez returned the equalizer to the electronic to reach the break with a new draw (12-12).

It was the boost that Juan Moreno’s needed. A remarkable second half, with a very regular team, allowed the women from Telde to consolidate their victory. With fifteen minutes to go, the yellows signed their first three-goal lead, after a goal from Alba Spugnini. A distance that would extend to five goals in the last minutes of the game (23-18) and, although it was far from definitive, it calmed the waters on the local side.

In fact, Elche rushed their options in superiority after two exclusions at Rocasa to close the gap (26-24) and set off the alarms, but Juan Moreno’s showed the integrity to preserve the victory and return along the long-awaited path of triumph, six days later, in Juan Moreno’s second game as the new coach of the Teldense team.



Starting 7: Almudena Rodriguez (1), Arinegua Perez (2), Vasiliki Gkatziou (2), Alba Spugnini (4), Maria Gomes (6), Jhennifer Lopes (2), Lourdes War (Pt)

Also playing: Andrea Suarez (Pt), Mela Falcon, Manuela Pizzo (3), Seynabou Mbengue (4), Ana Palomino (Pt), Marta Siñol, Maria Gonzalez (2), Nerea Guerra, Maria Zaldua (2)



Starting 7 Pamela Rodrigues (Pt), Ekaterina Zhukova, Tessa Cornelia (3), Celia Guilabert (2), Clara Gasco (3), Pipy Wolfs, Paola Bernabé (2).

Also played: Lisa Oppedal (3), Patricia Méndez (6), Nuria Andreu (1), Nicole Morales (Pt), María Flores, Zaira Benítez (3), Alexandra do Nascimiento (2) Raquel More (1).

Result every five minutes: 1-2, 5-3, 6-6, 9-7, 10-10, 12-12, 15-14, 17-16, 20-18, 24-19, 26-24, 28-26

Referees: Victor Navarro Baquero, Fernanda Espino Guerra.

Match corresponding to the 15th Day of the Iberdrola Guerreras League, held at the Antonio Moreno Island Pavilion


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