President of River Plate yearns for the return of Juanfer

Last weekend, Juan Fernando Quintero officially began his stage with Junior from Barranquilla. In front of thousands of fans who took over the Metropolitano, the ’10’ debuted with the rojiblanca shirt in a match against Independiente Medellín for the second date of the BetPlay League. With 90 minutes played, he began his third cycle at the FPC.

Despite Juanfer’s recent debut, River Plate still hasn’t forgotten him. The midfielder said goodbye to said team on December 31 after several failed attempts and negotiations to extend his relationship, but the mark left by the hero of Madrid seems indelible.

In interview with take out of the middle of Radio Continentalthe president of the Argentine club, Jorge Brito, affirmed that he has a great relationship with Quintero y He left the possibility open for the Colombian to return to Núñez later. In addition, he recognized the difficulty of maintaining it after concluding last season.

“With Juanfer I have a personal affection and bond. We knew that she was coming for a year and that it was going to be very difficult for her to continue. We are with high expectations that at some point he can return to Riverthe leader pointed out.

Brito’s words add to what was expressed by the player’s representative, Rodrigo Riep, days ago. A little over a week ago, Quintero’s agent explained why the midfielder is not continuing in Argentina and stated that his intention was to continue wearing the crossed band. He also did not rule out a future return to the club.

“He is not still in River for various reasons. The main one is economic. The Central Bank did not allow him to charge abroad (…) We do not close the door on a return to River. Juanfer wanted to retire in RiverHe asked me to arrange a three-year contract for him to retire at the club,” Riep said at the time.

For now, Juan Fernando has experienced two stages with the Millionaire. The first, from 2018 to 2020, and the second, in 2022 after passing through Chinese football. His great goal against Boca Juniors in the legendary Copa Libertadores final that was played at the Santiago Bernabéu will always be remembered by the fans.



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