Pini bomb on Cantù. La Giba: “Never again such situations”

Basket A2 On the day of the reinstatement, the case broke out with a very harsh note from the players’ association: “The isolation constituted a heavy technical damage”

Nothing but peace between Pallacanestro Cantù and Giovanni Pini. Between the two parties – who obviously don’t like each other – Giba, the association that protects the rights of basketball players, got in the way. On the day of his reinstatement in the first team, at the end of the long period of suspension, a note arrived from the union in which a strong position was taken towards the club.

Cracked relationships

And, as evidence of the fact that the player’s reintegration into the team took place, but that relations between the parties are zero, Pini himself posted the entire text of Giba’s press release on his social networks, as in turn did the girlfriend. As if to further underline the theses of the players union.

For the record, as expected, yesterday the player was regularly in Vighizzolo to train. Both in the morning session and in the afternoon session. The problem is what was unleashed on social media (and not only) throughout yesterday.

A day inaugurated in the morning with the press release from Giba, which left Cantù stunned: «Having learned of Giovanni Pini’s reinstatement in team activity with Cantù, the Players’ Association clarifies the following. For over a month – underlines the note – an unjust impediment to his regular profession continued against Pini. The forced isolation to which Pini, an athlete of recognized seriousness and professionalism, was forced for a prolonged and indefinite period has constituted a heavy technical, sporting, moral and image damage for a boy who has always distinguished himself in his career for his irreproachable behavior”.

With the reinstatement, as was immediately understood, Cantù avoided further problems from a legal point of view, as highlighted in the press release: «La Giba, who in recent weeks had represented to the club the illegitimacy of the provision against him, hopes that similar situations never occur again, to protect the players and their profession.

unexpected reaction

An unexpected “bomb”, because Cantù would have liked to manage the matter internally, also attempting a very difficult rapprochement between the player and the technical staff.

By widening the field, a question of this type also risks undermining the balance within the team. Which, in any case, sails in first place in the league and will be among the semi-finalists of the Italian Cup.

reactions? For now none. The club is annoyed by the turn the story has taken, but has taken a day to reflect. And today he could reply with a statement.




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