‘Oh Hee’ Lee Dong-hwi “The acting was fresh with Jung Eun-chae, who seemed to have walked out of a portrait”

On the morning of the 1st, at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall, a media distribution preview and press conference for the movie ‘Maybe We Break Up’ were held. Director Hyung Seul-woo, Lee Dong-hwi, Kang Gil-woo, and Jung Da-eun attended the event and talked about the movie.

Lee Dong-hwi, who played Jun-ho, a delinquent boyfriend who lives on his girlfriend while preparing for the civil service exam for several years, said, “I tend to enjoy building characters that look like me or my friend while watching Jun-ho. I wanted to express it with an emphasis on what would be seen by the people I am stepping on. I have a lot of interest in ordinary people, so I wanted to draw them in a fun way.”

Lee Dong-hwi said, “When I chose this work, I also listened to the director’s explanation of the studio scene and thought it was fresh. I decided to appear in this movie because I thought that the irony of telling a serious story in a situation where I couldn’t look outside could show life.

Lee Dong-hwi said, “When I sometimes had free time during filming, when I was playing badminton, I wrote ‘Junho and Anna playing badminton’ in the blank. He mentioned the scene where he acted with ad-libs in the play.

Lee Dong-hwi said, “Jung Eun-chae is an actress with an aura and aura that looks like she stepped out of a portrait, so it was fresh. For me, too, ‘Anna’ is interested in ‘Jun-ho’ or immediately after a breakup, she is interested in a new person. I didn’t understand it at first, but there are many things that can’t be explained as I live. Among my friends, there seems to be no ability, but there is a friend who doesn’t stop dating, and I wondered why the opposite sex would be liked. In the end, I had to convince and explain this incomprehensible character. I thought it was an actor’s job, and I tried to express it. I think it’s because of the stability that comes from familiarity, I think the women in the play liked ‘Junho’.” .

Lee Dong-hwi said, “From a certain point on, I started not being able to stand my face wearing makeup in movies or dramas. Even though it’s not like that at all, it’s so strange that my eyebrows are drawn beautifully or tint is applied to my lips. So it’s great if I feel comfortable, but I skipped the scene where I appeared because I couldn’t see my face while watching the work. However, I tried to express Junho as the person next to me. I put in makeup for my future work. I will think a lot about whether to do it again.”

Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Eun-chae’s real-life breakup report, ‘Perhaps We Didn’t Know’, will be released on February 8th.

iMBC Kim Kyung-hee | photo daehyeon

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