Official, Kevin Durant will miss the 2023 All-Star Game

We suspected it very much, and a few hours ago Jacque Vaughn made it official: Kevin Durant will not participate in the All-Star Game 2023. No risk will be taken on the Nets side and Cam Thomas will therefore have to continue to send cards all evenings for at least two weeks.

Decidedly, the All-Star Game and Kevin Durant is a great story of lovelessness. Because if we learned this evening that KD would miss the February 19 jump, know that it will therefore be the fourth consecutive edition missed by the Snake, it’s starting to do. White season in 2020, injured in 2021, injured in 2022 and therefore injured in the knee in 2022? So it would seem that Durant loves February at least as much as Chris Paul loves June.

While Cam Thomas is chaining the boxes given the departure of Kyrie Irving and the absence of KD, we will therefore have to be patient on the Nets side, perhaps the opportunity for the returning Spencer Dinwiddie to acquire confidence and skills. responsibilities even faster, and the other question that torments us all at 3:28 in the morning is therefore who will replace Kev in the starting five of the All-Star Game (ding dong Joel Embiid), and who will replace him altogether in the selection from the East (Siakam? Allen? Porzingis? Banchero?).

No risk then and it’s quite logical, but let’s hope all the same that when KD returns it’s not for the eleventh place that the Nets will fight, shouldn’t end up with a trade request on their arms either full month of March. Oh okay, we’re teasing.



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